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Here at Epicenter of Worship, we are dedicated to serving the needs of others while building relationships with all people. You will find awesome people, support for your destiny, and a variety of resources and information. No matter who you are and where you’re from or at, there is a place for you. We want to help you become a fully mature disciple of Jesus Christ.

The way you do that here is simple: You Connect. Commit. Worship.

An authentic Christian discipleship community of faith, love, and healing.

New Horizon values the relationships we currently have and those we will make in the future. We encourage those who care, to commit and connect with others so that they too can experience a new life in Christ.

Dealing with hard times or facing spiritual warefare? Contact one of our prayer warriors today.

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We encourage those within our church community to commit their lives to God and service to His work.

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If you have not attended any of our online worship services, we invite you to join us anytime. We will embrace you as you are. We believe love conquers all. Come and be a part of our online church community so that we may love you better and assist you in your walk with Christ.