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No matter who you are and where you’re from or at, there is a place for you.

Epicenter of Worship (EOW) is all about relationships. It is a partnership between you and us. In this partnership, you make a commitment to support this ministry through prayer, service, and financial contribution. As a partner, you help us accomplish greater tasks and meet more needs than we could alone.

No partnership is one-sided. When you partner with Epicenter of Worship & EOW Everywhere,  we also partner with you. When you join EOW, you join a ministry that will pray for you and seek to encourage you. You join a ministry that will support your spiritual growth. Therefore, as a partner, we will make the vast resources of Epicenter of Worship & EOW Everywhere available to you.

When you support us in this good work, you seize the opportunity to “Be the difference” in someone else’s life. As I often say, “Nothing just happens; someone has to make it happen.” That someone is you when you partner with the EOW Network.

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