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Welcome to Epicenter of Worship Church

We greet you in the wonderful name of our Lord Jesus Christ! It is our privilege and honor to welcome you to the Epicenter of Worship! The Lord has brought you here to further reveal His divine purposes for your life. It is our goal for you to experience Christ in a fresh way causing you to rise to your full potential in God. In addition, you will experience an emphasis on the Word, prayer, fellowship, passionate worship and personal devotion. As a result, we are confident that you and your family will be transformed according to God’s will for you. Get ready and excited to flourish and blossom in the Kingdom of God. Again, welcome to your new family and welcome home.

Pastors Sean & Tayana Holland

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Monday-Friday at 1pm-2pm | Sunday-Saturday at 1am-2am

Listen on the 24 Hour Preaching Network

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The Epicenter of Worship Bible Institute (EOWBI) serves as an EQUIPPING CENTER, that provides advanced biblical and leadership training. EOWBI provides training in four core areas Bible, Ministry, Outreach, and Leadership. These four core areas assist in the shaping of each students theology and provides opportunity for growth to contribute in the kingdom of God, and in the various domains of society.

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Epicenter of Worship is One Church in multiple locations. Find the closest location near you for worship times and more information.

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Giving is an active expression of faith. It recognizes God as your true provider. It affirms confidence in His ability to supply all that is needed. It is an act of gratitude and dependence and allows there to be a partnership with God and his work through this church and in the world.

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