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The ministries of Epicenter of Worship are dedicated to serving the needs of others while building relationships with all people. You will find awesome people, support for your destiny, and a variety of resources and information. No matter who you are and where you’re from or at, there is a place for you.

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To educate, inspire, and motivate new believers & seasoned believers in the areas of biblical doctrine and precepts. Our ultimate goal is to move students into personal biblical scholarship and advanced Christian education.
To assist and serve the needs of God’s people by inviting them to Jesus Christ and fellowship in our Church while providing for their immediate physical needs in a timely manner. We will receive and distribute such items as furniture, clothing small appliances, bath and kitchen needs, etc. We will help to empower and acclimate them (refugees) into our culture and community by reaching out and lending a helping hand with genuine love, respect and concern.
Equipping individuals to be disciple-makers in their area of domain to make a local and global impact with gospel of Jesus of Christ.
To connect as couples, through friendly fellowship and form a marital bond respecting and empowering each other’s contribution to making the home, community, and world a place where divorce is not an option.
To promote the Word of God and support the outreach of the ministry by the engineering and innovation of media, to infiltrate today’s culture and establish Kingdom dominion.
To unite God’s men for the purpose of His glory. We will encourage holiness within the body of Christ and be men after God’s own heart.
We partner with many ministries locally and throughout the world to reach those with the gospel of Jesus Christ.
To become a forerunner in socially engaging ministry by providing a minimum of four monthly activities focused on fellowship, discipleship, evangelism or civic engagement throughout the Lansing community.
Through one-on-one ministry, conferences, programs, social activities, and bibles studies our mission is to cultivate Godly women to be role models and examples of excellence for generations to follow.
To encourage the youth to develop an intimate, loving relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ and in-turn express that same love to other youth as a witness.


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