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EOWBI is a place to equip leaders for Kingdom and community leadership.


The Epicenter of Worship Bible Institute (EOWBI) serves as an EQUIPPING CENTER, that provides advanced biblical and leadership training.

We are a ministry of the Epicenter of Worship whose vision is to be a place where God is worshiped, disciples are made, and the world is changed.

We accomplish this by PREACHING the gospel of Jesus Christ, TEACHING the principles of God’s kingdom, and PREPARING believers to reach the lost.


The Epicenter of Worship Bible Institute was birthed through much prayer, planning, and preparation by a team of dedicated vessels of God in the winter of 2014.

This team was led by the Senior Pastor of the Epicenter of Worship, Pastor Sean Holland. God gave Pastor Holland a clear and distinct mandate to help raise up individuals to lead both in the kingdom of God and in the local community.

This mandate would be accomplished through advanced biblical and leadership training. The beginning phase of EOWBI began over a decade ago with individual course offerings based in spiritual maturity, biblical foundations, as well as Old and New Testament surveys.


EOWBI believes that each student’s experience should be well-rounded in Bible, ministry, outreach, and leadership. These four core areas assist in the shaping of each students theology and provides opportunity for growth to contribute in the kingdom of God, and in the various domains of society (i.e. religion, education, business, government, arts & entertainment, and more).

Since then EOWBI has grown to over 16 course offerings, 4 certificate programs, an ordination track into ministry, and future degree programs in Christian Leadership. The four areas of concentration in Bible, Ministry, Outreach, and Leadership.

To apply or for more information please contact Pastor DeMarquis Battle, Program Director of EOWBI at eowbi@epworship.com


Old Testament Survey 1

Old Testament Survey 2

New Testament Survey

The Triune God

Your & Your Bible

Biblical Leadership

Christian Ethics

Perspectives From Church History

Understanding People

Growing In Spiritual Maturity

Sunday School Ministry

Teaching Adults with Confidence

Teaching Techniques

Teaching Youth With Confidence

Understanding Music & Worship

Understanding Teaching

Beyond Reasonable Doubt

The Truth about Worldviews

World Missions Today

Your Ministry of Evangelism